Ultimate Portrait 
Photography Nurture Sequence 
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'My mission is to inspire & empower photography business owners to live with passion & purpose in the moment and not be held back by stress and anxiety.'
My mission 
Running a small business can be tough.
My coaching is about a holistic approach to not only your business but your life, they are so tightly intertwined when you own and run a small business that you have to address both.
As a small business owner you are the business so unless you work on yourself and constantly improve your business won’t prosper. That is why I cover what I consider the most important principles that I have learn’t and implemented over my 16yrs of business.
If you feel stuck, constantly stressed or lacking motivation then my training is perfect for you and exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

My courses are about breaking bad habits and creating new ones to elevate your thinking which will then automatically help you create the actions and steps to move your business forward and increase your profits, happiness & quality of life.

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